Kanger EVOD 2 Kit

Model: Kanger EVOD 2
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Best in class vapor and throat hit


The EVOD 2 is the a high performance ecig kit from Kanger Tech, with a new bottom coiled EVOD 2 cartomizer. Developed from the popular EVOD system, the New EVOD 2produces best in the class vapor size and throat taste.

The new EVOD 2 cartomizer is easier to use and maintain. To fill the EVOD 2 one only needs to unscrew the base unit from the cartomizer and drip e-liquid along the inside wall. Please take care to avoid the air hole in the center. A used coil can be easily replaced, just unscrew it from the base unit and change with a new one.

The battery for EVOD 2 has eGo/510 threading. It it compatible with our Elite/Elite-T series of ecigs.

Product recommendations
It is essential to keep a healty supply of cartomizer coils. We recommend keeping spare 5 coils.
Electronic cigarette is powered with rechargeable battery. The EVOD 2 kit came with 2 high capacity (1000mAh) batterise. This should be more than enough to last a whole day with regular usage. To maintain continues usage, it is recommended that at least 2 batteries are kept at any one time.

Please note that a complete 'Electric cigarette' is made up of 1 rechargeable battery and 1 cartomizer.

Buyer Guide: Is this ecig suitable for me
This device is suitable for all types of smokers. However, there maybe a slight learning curve for absolute beginners. The standard tank ecig system produces good smoke vapor but suffers from e-liquid delivery problem and limits the life span of its atomizer coil. The EVOD 2 improves this by introducing bottom coiled design. It delivers good throat hit and masses of vapour with a hint of warmthness so delivers a very satisfying smoking experience.

Overall, the EVOD 2 is a good performance kit for beginners as well as experience e-vapors, with low start up and running cost and excellent performance.

In the box

  • 1000mAh Rechargable Batteries x2
  • EVOD 2 cartomizer x2
  • Replacement coils x5
  • Choice of USB-Wall adaptor standards: (3-pin UK, 2-pin US)
  • USB charger x 1
  • English manual x1

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