DCT-6 Cartomizer

Model: DCT-6
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Dual coil carto with large e-liquid chamber


The DCT-6 is a performance cartomizer for customers who are looking for best throat hit and long lasting cartridge. The DCT-6 contains a specially designed dual coil cartomizer as well as a extra large e-liquid chamber. As the name indicated, a DCT-6 could hold 6ml of your favourite e-liquid, which will last an average smoker for a couple of days between refills. The transparent e-liquid chamber of DCT-6 also gives smoker a good view of the level of e-liquid so they could refill at an approperate time.

The threading of DCT-6 is compatible with the Elite XL and Elite-T ecigs. Although, the threading for DCT-6 is also compatible with the popular 510 series of ecigs, we would not recommend using DCT-6 with 510 ecig. The low resistance dual coil cartomizer in DCT-6 works best with high capacity batteries, such as those 1100mAh batteries in our Elite XL and Elite-T ecigs.

It is very easy to refill a DCT-6. Please see quick guide pictures on our product info page. One thing we would like to stress is regarding the priming of a new unused DCT catomizer. Please make sure the e-liquid is soaked well into the sponge material inside your atomizer. There is a small silicone seal came with your DCT-6. Please insert this seal cap into the back end of the cartomizer once it is primed.

Product recommendations
It is essential to keep a healty supply of cartomizers. We recommend keeping 3 cartomizers at hand. Whilst every care has been taken to manufacture these devices to a high specification, due to the nature of the device the life of an atomizer will vary from one user to the next. Please note, the cartomizer is sold with a DOA warranty only, although it can be refilled many times.

Buyer Guide: Is this cartomizer suitable for me
This device is suitable for all types of smokers. It delivers great throat hit and masses of vapour so delivers a very satisfying smoking experience. For new users, it maintains the same easy use principles from the standard cartomizers and for experienced users the problems frequent interuption of refilling is no more. The downside for having large format cartomizer is that it make the ecig looks less like standard cigarettes than smaller cartomizers.
Overall, the DCT-6 is a versatile cartomizer due to it's ease of use, low start up and running cost and excellent performance.

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