eSmart Cartomizer-Single

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Big Vapor, transparent tank


The eSmart Cartomizerhas improved e-liquid delivery system for consistant performance. It also has a transparent e-liquid tank so that one could the level of e-liquid inside and know when a refill is needed.

It is very easy to refill the CE4 cartomizer. Please removed the mouthpiece from the tail end. Drip slowly into the transparent e-liquid tank. The CE4 cartomizer has clear marking for the volume of e-liquid inside the tank, which holds around 1.3ml of e-liquid

Product recommendations
It is essential to keep a healty supply of cartomizers. We recommend keeping 3 cartomizers at hand. Whilst every care has been taken to manufacture these devices to a high specification, due to the nature of the device the life of an cartomizer will vary from one user to the next. Please note, the cartomizer is sold with a DOA warranty only, although it can be refilled many times.

Buyer Guide: Is this cartomizer suitable for me
This device is suitable for all types of smokers. It delivers great throat hit and masses of vapour so delivers a very satisfying smoking experience. For new users, it maintains the same easy use principles from the standard cartomizers.

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