eSmart High Performance Mini eCig

Model: eSmart
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Small footprint with huge vapour


The eSmart is the most powerful mini ecig with Tank system in the market

This new generation of devices are designed to last longer and produce excellent throat hit and smoke vapour. This is done by including a high capacity battery and a bottom coil tank system. The device is 135mm in length and only 10mm in diameter.

The eSmart's bottom coil cartomizer produces huge vapour comparable to large format ecig such of the eGo/Elite-T. The bottom coil design produces the warmthness that reminds you of the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

Product recommendations
It is essential to keep a healty supply of cartomizers. We recommend keeping 2 cartomizers at hand. Whilst every care has been taken to manufacture these devices to a high specification, due to the nature of the device the life of an cartomizer will vary from one user to the next.
Electronic cigarette is powered with rechargeable battery. A battery disconnected from the cartomiser will hold its charge like any other rechargeable battery. It is recommended that at least 2 batteries are kept at any one time.
The eSmart's cartomizer holds 1.3ml e-liquid, this is a good size for a casual smoker. One may want to bring extra e-liquid is more fequent useage is expected.
Please note that a complete 'Electric cigarette' is made up of 1 rechargeable battery and one cartomizer.
Buyer Guide: Is this ecig suitable for me
This device is suitable for all types of smokers. One major drawback of previous generation of mini ecigs, such as the popular LS510 starter kit, is the vapour size. The eSmart improves on this aspect with advanced cartomizer and battery design. It delivers great throat hit and masses of vapour for a very satisfying smoking experience. For new users, it maintains the same easy use principles from the standard kit. For more demonding user, the eSmart produces excellent vapour with a compact body. The downside for having mini ecig is a frequent smoker may need to change the battery during the day.
Overall, the eSmart is a versatile e-cigarette due to it's ease of use, low start up and running cost and excellent performance.

In the box

  • Rechargable Batteries x2
  • Tank cartomizer x 2
  • Choice of USB-Wall adaptor standards: (3-pin UK, 2-pin US)
  • USB Charger x 1
  • English manual x1

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