KORE TAC Sub-Ohm Tank

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Top Air Control, USA wires and Pyrex glass design


The KORE TAC Sub-Ohm Tank employ an innovative Top Air Control design to produce best throat hit and it is leak-free. The KORE sub-ohm tank is fully rebuiltable features replacement coils from 0.3 - 1.0 ohms. The heating coil is built with 100% USA made resistance wires and organic cotton for enchanced vapor and cleaner taste. A fresh heating coil is key to the performance of a cartomizer. By replacing only the part needs changing, running cost is reduced. The KORE Sub-Ohm Tank is a beautifully crafted cartomizer with stainless steel body, pyrex class chamber and drip tip. This all glass no glue design helps to produces purest tastes from your favourite e-liquids.

The KORE Tank use 510 threading for best compatibility. However, to fully enjoy this powerful device, we recommend using devices that fires down to the ohm level of the coil you intend to use. The Kanger SUBOX Mini work particularly well with the KORE sub-ohm tanks.

It is very easy to fill the KORE Sub-Ohm tank. Please close the air control port at the top and unscrew the plum blossom bottom base. Drip slowly along the inside wall. The top air control design allows the Kore to have higher capacity than other devices with similar size. Before first use, please fill e-liquid and give it 5-10 minutes to allow a good intake of e-liquid into the new coil. The KORE holds around 3.5ml of e-liquid. Please top up when the e-liquid is running low.

The air flow system on the KORE has 4 holes to provide plenty air to the coils. The Top Air Control port slides smoothly into place. Please note, when fully open for best air flow, the large intake of air will creat more noise. You can reduce the noise by closing the TAC port slightly.

Product recommendations
It is essential to keep a healty supply of cartomizer heating coils. We recommend keeping 2 replacement coils at hand. Whilst every care has been taken to manufacture these devices to a high specification, due to the nature of the device the life of an cartomizer will vary from one user to the next. Please note, the cartomizer is sold with a DOA warranty only, although it can be refilled many times.

Buyer Guide: Is this clearomizer suitable for me
This device is designed for smokers using high performance devices. It delivers great flavour and tons of vapour and produces a very satisfying smoking experience. For new users, remember to set your device power output according to the coils you chose. The lower the coil's resistance the higher the wattage it requires. The 0.5ohm coils inside the box work best at 15W to 35W range. We advise using lower nicotine strength with sub-ohm tank. Generally, a good starting point will be half of what you are used to on smaller devices

Overall, the KORE is a power-house clearomizer for pro-vapors and it is very easy to maintain, carry and refill.

In the box

  • Pyrex Glass Tip x1
  • KORE Sub-Ohm Tank Body x1
  • KORE Sub-Ohm Coil Heads x2
  • KORE Sub-Ohm Tank Bottom Base x1

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