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The RN4081 Full Kit is well balanced in performance and size

The RN4081 is a 'Super Mini' sized (10.2cm) electronic cigarette. It is slightly longer than a King Size cigarette (10cm) and smaller than a first generation 'Pen Style' (15cm) electronic cigarette. This allows for a reasonable battery life with practical every day handling size than the 'Pen Style'.

There are two types of batteries for the RN4081. The manual battery has an on/off button which gives flexibility and control, while the automatic version is activated simply by smoking. In a way, this is similar to the difference between driving manual or automatic cars. We find the automatic battery of RN4081 performs better than automatic battery version of the popular LS510 ecig.

Buyer Guide: Is this ecig suitable for me
Similar in length as the king size cigarette, the RN4081 keeps the thin form factor of earlier e-cigs. In terms of throat hit and vapour quantity, the RN4081 is a solid performer for its size. The manual battery of RN4081 gives extended activation time for atomizer, which runs hotter and produce more smoke vapour. The downside to this is that the increased workload draws power from the battery at a quick rate and thus, the batteries drains quicker.
A standard cartridge lasts around 5 typical cigarettes on real life usage. Please keep a good stock of cartridges on hand. One could also refill used cartridges with our premium e-liquid products. E-Liquid refills work out much cheaper than prefilled cartridges.

Overall, the RN4081 is a versatile e-cigarette due to its ease of use, low start up and running cost and good performance. It is ideally suited for those who want to start a smoke free life but still crave the throat hit and masses of vapour, especially if you are looking for an automatic switched ecig.

In the box

  • Rechargable Batteries x2
  • Atomizer x1
  • Mains charger x1
  • 10ml Premium E-Liquid x1
  • Assorted cartridges x 5
  • English manual x1

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